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The number 22 Routemaster

Built in 1967, our refurbished Routemaster now seats up to 20 guests, and stocks 80 spirits from around the world

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The Red Bus Events Co: A Bar In A Routemaster Bus!

The Red Bus Events Company has lovingly converted an original 1967 Routemaster bus into a fabulous festival bar and hospitality space.

This bar is guaranteed to deliver the wow factor that will make your event one to remember. It creates a memorable focal point to make your celebration stand out. Whether it be a wedding, special birthday, ball, festival or corporate event, we can tailor a fantastic bar service to meet your needs.

The bar area is downstairs where a variety of drinks including draft beer and cider, wine, champagne and cocktails can be served out of specially constructed side hatches.It is capable of serving 1000s of drinks an hour and can cope with the higest volume.

Upstairs has been converted into a comfortable and stylish entertainment area where your guests can relax and enjoy the novelty of the view from the top of the 22 bus with a drink in hand.